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Animal Hospital in Weston, West Virginia

Ensure your pet receives nothing but the best in care at our full-service animal hospital in Weston, West Virginia.

Wellness Exams

Enjoy a long, lasting relationship with your pet by protecting his or her health with routine wellness exams. Each year we offer a wellness check-up for your four-legged friends, and we perform blood testing and a physical exam to ensure optimum health. During the exam, we walk you through each process so you fully understand your pet's treatment.

Routine Surgeries

When your pet is in need of a routine surgery trust our experienced staff to provide your pet the best in care. We handle all types of routine surgeries, including spaying, neutering, and declawing. While in our care, we ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible, and we provide antibiotics and pain medication for your pet so he or she may recuperate.


At our animal hospital, we treat your pets with the utmost in care to make sure they are healthy at all times. If you suspect a broken bone, pregnancy, or other internal issue, visit us for prompt x-rays. Our technicians are able to pinpoint internal problems, broken bones, pregnancy, and even arthritis using state-of-the-art equipment.
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Dental Work

Good dental care is linked to good health. At Weston Veterinary Hospital, we provide routine dental work for your four-legged friends, and we make sure your pet is calm and comfortable at all times. Our experienced staff ensures that all dental work is completed correctly and that you are fully satisfied with the results.

In-House Diagnostic Testing

If your pet isn't acting like himself, the staff at Weston Veterinary Hospital offers in-house diagnostic testing to determine if there are any problems. Testing includes CBC, chemistry, electrolytes, and heartworm testing, and we provide prompt results for your peace of mind.

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